Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Saint Expedite

Whilst browsing the internet I recently came across a website dedicated to Saint Expedite. Saint Expedite looks like he was a very interesting person and the website link below dedicated to Saint Expedite is well worth viewing.

Visit SaintExpedite.org

New Zealand Haunts

Maori Carving
There are lots of haunted places in New Zealand, one of those is Riccarton House where the ghost of a Scottish woman, Jane Deans, haunts the house to this day. She was the lady of the house for many years.

A woman called Carolyn Taylor photographed a horrible apparition on the porch at Riccarton House - a big green blob with black eyes.

The Racecourse Hotel at Riccarton is haunted by a former gangster who once owned the place and had a nasty end. Doors slam and there have been so many occurrences that the second floor is kept locked as staff get upset.

In other hauntings, Lanach Castle on the Otago Peninsula is said to be haunted by William Lanach and his family. The Princes Gate Hotel at Roturua is home to a female ghost who appears only to men and ghostly faces appear at the window of the platform seven cafe, at Glen Eden railway station, Auckland.

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