Thursday, 10 January 2013

Catalyst Changed Visions Of A Small Town

These photos show a different perception of reality.  This could be fragmented reality or reality changed in some way using a catalyst. A is where the picture starts, B is the catalyst and C is the end result.The catalyst in this case is the camera.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

EVPs and Ghostly Goings On Outside Betfred in Shipley

On  Saturday, December 29, 2012, we decide to follow up on a couple of things left over from Halloween. There is a radio frequency signal which we picked up at the side of the ASDA supermarket building, opposite Shoe Zone.  This is not supernatural, but it is an odd place for there to be such a radio signal and no indication as to what it comes from or why it is there.  Hit play on the video above.

Secondly, did some EVPs outside Betfred which was to see if any horses that had died as a result of taking part in commercial horse races in 2012 wanted to say anything.  there was a lot of rowdy noise in Shipley coming from some people down the road, but there was nobody whispering.  It is the whispering on the audio file that is is the genuine EVP, the rest is just noise from further down the road.

There was no one actually anywhere near us when we stood outside Betfred and did the EVP session. The betting shop had just closed and the man who worked there was watching us through a plate glass door, but there was no one actually next to us or anywhere near us whispering.

I intend to check if any mares fell or were destroyed as a result of taking part in a horse race in 2012 as the whispering we recorded sounded female.  The horses could also have been having a joke as in 'horse whisperer' technically a term for some shaman like person who can get on to  horses wavelengths by whispering to them!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Bin Bag Christmas Tree

I had an idea this year for a very spooky Christmas tree.  The tree was small and compact enough to set the Christmas cards around it, however it was still very festive.  I used a yoghurt pot covered in tin foil for the base of the tree and I stuck a doily inside a microwave food tray and attached this to the tree base, then filled the area with gold and silver decorative stars,  I also attached a tinfoil star the top of the tree.  I did put up a traditional tree as well, but this unusual 'bin bag' tree was an unexpected success!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Saint Expedite

Whilst browsing the internet I recently came across a website dedicated to Saint Expedite. Saint Expedite looks like he was a very interesting person and the website link below dedicated to Saint Expedite is well worth viewing.


New Zealand Haunts

Maori Carving
There are lots of haunted places in New Zealand, one of those is Riccarton House where the ghost of a Scottish woman, Jane Deans, haunts the house to this day. She was the lady of the house for many years.

A woman called Carolyn Taylor photographed a horrible apparition on the porch at Riccarton House - a big green blob with black eyes.

The Racecourse Hotel at Riccarton is haunted by a former gangster who once owned the place and had a nasty end. Doors slam and there have been so many occurrences that the second floor is kept locked as staff get upset.

In other hauntings, Lanach Castle on the Otago Peninsula is said to be haunted by William Lanach and his family. The Princes Gate Hotel at Roturua is home to a female ghost who appears only to men and ghostly faces appear at the window of the platform seven cafe, at Glen Eden railway station, Auckland.

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Bronte Fairies and Other Local Fairy Stories

Bradford and Keighley were full of fairies and elves, according to folklore. Grove Hill Dike, above Sladen Valley Reservoir, was a place of fear for children as they believed a troll lived there. Emily Bronte called the Dike 'Blackhorse Marsh' in Wuthering Heights, as even she knew all about this story. There are a couple of wells, one at Priestthorpe, Bingley and another at Blackhill, Keighley, that were named in honour of Jennet, the Fairy Queen. One of the servants of the Brontes actually claimed that the fairies has been driven away by industrialisation.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a devout Spiritualist and great believer in the Occult who is most well known for writing 'Sherlock Holmes', claimed to have accounted fairies. The Cottingley Fairies were however fakes dreamed up by Frances and Elsie, although they did fool Conan Doyle for a while fairies were also documented as having been seen in Lister park, also known as Manningham park, Bradford.

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Monday, 10 September 2012

A Medley of Lanterns; Introducing Spooked Turnip

A variety of fruit and vegetable lanterns can be created for use at any occasion or festival outside Halloween.  You can also experiment on Halloween itself. Featured here is a yellow pepper lantern and a pineapple lantern, a particularly enchanting addition to a warm summer's eve.  Use fruits and vegetables of different colours to complement the occasion or season.

The slideshow on our homepage features a Christmas red pepper lantern among the more traditional pumpkin lantern and a pair of ghoulish turnip lanterns, giving rise to the 'Spooked Turnip'.

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