Monday, 10 September 2012

A Medley of Lanterns; Introducing Spooked Turnip

A variety of fruit and vegetable lanterns can be created for use at any occasion or festival outside Halloween.  You can also experiment on Halloween itself. Featured here is a yellow pepper lantern and a pineapple lantern, a particularly enchanting addition to a warm summer's eve.  Use fruits and vegetables of different colours to complement the occasion or season.

The slideshow on our homepage features a Christmas red pepper lantern among the more traditional pumpkin lantern and a pair of ghoulish turnip lanterns, giving rise to the 'Spooked Turnip'.

Spooked Turnip features a mix of parapsychology, spirits, hauntings, occultism, history, magick and mystery to feed your paranormal interest.

Visit the Spooked Turnip website for more.

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